Message in a Bottle

Photo taken at Boneli Park, on my morning walk with my pup.

I couldn’t wait to come home and write to you. Whoever you may be. It is nice to know that there is some kind of serendipity to this. I don’t know to whom I am writing, but it feels almost like a message I’m sending in a bottle to be lost at sea- most certainly unfound and will surely go unseen. As I am new to this and there are only but two post of mine out there in the world, and my message has only been seen by a few pair of eyes so far. It’s nice to know that this is an expression of my voice free of critique and free of pressure. And it is even more miraculous to know that if you are listening, I am not so alone.

So I will consider this letter as such: A message in a bottle.

Today, I roam alone. In my solitude and I rather enjoyed it. No one clouds my view or my perception and I can see the world as I see fit. In my strange mystical and deeply romantic way and it makes life worth it. I could live like this, in my dream world full of omens and a spirit language, of signs, and directions. In my dream world where happiness makes us light as a feather, and the sky brings us down a latter to the stars. If you are a dreamer, a hopeless romantic, a lover, ah then you come to the right place.

Life is given to us so that we may live and not exist. There are reasons why we dream and they are there to make a reality. So go sailing, go on dreaming, go take flight, surf the waves of the sea, and the hills of the clouds. Fall in love, again and again. Make mistakes and fail a little, but we have got to believe and go on believing. We got to push on through. Life is worth it.


Yours truly,





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