“peace required”



I saw this by happenstance today. I had gone to Los Angeles Union state to pick up my brother from the station and figured well, might as well say hello to the city. I had been wanting to see it. And one yes triggered another. It was rather serendipitous that way.

If it weren’t for the random parking space I found with so much space, where there was no parking space to be found whatsoever. I figured well, “none of these cars have parking permits and they seem okay, so I should be okay.” I said yes to the gut feeling and went ahead and parked there. As I was exiting I saw someone else had just parked there too and figured I would ask him if this parking area was safe.

Again, thinking how incredibly lucky to have found parking in the Arts District of Los Angeles. If it weren’t for the serendipitous parking spot, I would have never have asked the man in the parking lot if it was safe, and if I would never have asked, he never would have told me about the free art event going on in ArtSpace LA and if I didn’t know about ArtSpace through this stranger man in the parking space to tell me about the art event, I would never have come across this fine photograph.

It is because I said yes to the gut feeling.

I got to get used to hearing this gut feeling.

I got to trust it, it has not failed me so far.


Your truly,






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