The Time is Now


Sign of Spring. Orange blossoms from our orange trees.

This Spring I have plans to unearth my love for raising plants.

When I was 12. I was deeply depressed. Sometimes we forget how lonely it is to be young. We forget how much we understand and comprehend…I call it my silent stage. Since I spoke to no one and no one spoke to me. Not my immediate family or friends. I preferred my solitude. You see, this way no one could hurt me. I was like this for many years. And the only that kept me sane was this pen and caring for our plants. We forget plants are living things. They teach and feel and I love my fruit tress more than you can imagine.

So in honor of the 12 year old girl who felt peace in caring for her Pomona fruit trees and plants, I shall rekindle that spirit in me and grow herbs and flowers and lavender for luck.

Father says to wait until the second moon. That should be in about 28 days, give or take. You see, my father was a farmer in his mother land, El Salvador, and I trust his green thumb in raising fruits.

All I want to do is raise fruits, flourish, provide and give. I’m tired of quieting. I am tired of silencing.

So here is to and end of quieting. I shall raise my voice, sing, and speak. I shall grow my garden and raise my own kings. I’m ready to blossom and bloom and there is no time like now.

The time is now.

Until then.

your very own,



P.S. Tomorrow I will be recording some songs on SoundCloud. Wish me luck!




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