More will come

There are a lot of things I keep to myself. I keep them in, in my world just as I know them to be, without another’s vision of it to cloud my view.

No one knows my personal battles, personal conflicts. But, we all have them. We all have to learn to deal with them. We all have our own path and journey we are walking with a world of symbols that we empower… I just hope I follow the signs, the symbols.

We all learn to deal with them on our good days, it is hardest to deal with them when things go wrong or take a turn. Today, I had some bad news for me. But, I got to remember that things will go wrong. It is inevitable and the truth is we can’t have it all. We can’t all be happy all the time. We have to remember all the reasons we should be happy. It isn’t easy but it can be done.

Really, I have nothing to moan about… nothing to weep about. I am under the Monday afternoon sun, writing, with my pup on my lap. I’m hoping to move out soon. I’m singing. I want to do an open mic this coming Sunday. I am young, I am healthy, I am safe. I have warmth. I have shelter. What should I complain about? Why should I insult my blessings. More will come, when we do right by us, more will come.

Life is too beautiful to be worried about struggles, or pains, giving them more importance they they deserve. Other things need to be shined upon. There is a light at the end of the tunnel. There is freedom from the cacoon stage, and we’ll fly out with wings in due time. I have hope and faith in this.  I’ll take it to the grave believing this if I have to. Keep on longing, dreaming, searching, it won’t abandon you nor will it leave you astray.

so, chin up. Have faith and hope, more will come.


your very own,






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